Balance Your Ojas- A modern world energetic disaster

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Balance Your Ojas- A modern world energetic disaster

In our fast past modern world, we are running around, rushing, restricting, meeting deadlines..
Even if we are Yogis, Healers Natural Therapists we might still be aggravating our vital energy form due to mind made restrictions of our new age diet dogmas. This energy I’m talking about is  Ojas.  This is like Prana but a little different. Its one of the 3 Yogic Conditions  of energy Prana, Ojas and Tejas.


This is our longevity key our key to how we look energetically how we present and view ourself and the world..


Ojas present to form balance in pregnant and lactating mums.

This is evident in pregnancy when a women is craving sweets yet some deny this craving and hide or suppress out of fear of harming the baby in western world, hiding chocolate bar and ice cream binges.. Yet seeking Ayurvedic doctors of Traditional Ayurvedic practices as taught through my yoga Advise on two major points.
As soon as the mother is going to conceive for the initial trimester it is rest and care on the developing foetus and yet in my world the “western” world we rest towards the end. It was backwards.
The second point was the sweets included in most meals,the sweets is part of the creating the constitutions for the mother to nourishe her OJAS when pregnant. By sweet things, sweet music, sweet environment she is advised to nourish in a kapha way-which is oily, sedate, sweet and full, To make this baby healthy full of bulk and fat the constitution of a healthy baby is a large round baby.. One that is nourished with OJAS-Not scanty skinny and depleted… A buddha baby is ideal.


The way that you can nourish your OJAS an energy-one that is slightly different to how you feel much you eat its seperate to I have not eaten enough feeling for Ojas. This energy is relevant of the energy of the food the quality and energetic imprint …

The sweet found nourishes this.

Too much or displaced Ojas- for e.g. too much sedation, oily sweet and calm buddha ways can cause type 2 diabetics obesity and Too little Ojas can cause nervousness anxiety weakness and lack of strength and immunity.- too much or excessive sex or masturbation is low ojas.


Balancing Ojas
This is the Most important point; the Ojas need to be not too much not too little. The energy balancing is the point and purpose of Yogic techniques to bring the body to a perfect state of balance.


Low Ojas-Auto immune diseases, Nervousness, excessive sexual energy, low immune system, low weight or birth weight, psycho somatic diseases, dry skin, cold, fatigue, depressive or low moods.- these are excessive low. You could experience to some degree a low feeling a low mood and you are feeling nutritionally fine, you could feel like you are not quite right and you have subtle sugar cravings. OR crave calm and peace or loving touch or others.

What helps balance this is

  • Celibacy can help build Ojas- One who is celibate for some time will form  lustrous eyes a caring smile and energy- one that is full of energy and power.
  • Meditation
  • Sweet natural foods such as fruit and puddings
  • Balancing Ojas Ayurvedic drink. Recommended by -Dr vacant Lad.
  • Sweet music, Classical or relaxing music that has gentle harmonies and instruments. As apposed to a faster beat and loud and aggressive music..
  • Ahwaganda Root



High Ojas –Diabeties type 2, Overweight, numbness in limbs, can also be low and depressive, slow metabolism, Sluggish digestion, oily skin, little sexual energy. 

What helps balance this is

  • Intermittent fasting
  • Yogic Cleansing
  • Reducing Refined sugars
  • Moderate exercise

The key to Balancing Ojas is to enjoy sweet things as needed, care for your body in a loving way….. Keep your adrenal glands happy with calm sweet music and moderate diet balancing all flavours.


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