Tania Vella / Fasting

Balance Your Ojas- A modern world energetic disaster

In our fast past modern world, we are running around, rushing, restricting, meeting deadlines.. Even if we are Yogis, Healers Natural Therapists we might still be aggravating our vital energy form due to mind made restrictions of our new age diet dogmas. This energy I'm talking about is  Ojas.  This is like Prana but a little different. Its one of the 3 Yogic Conditions  of energy Prana, Ojas and Tejas.   This is our longevity key our key to how we look energetically how we present and view ourself and the world..   Ojas present to form balance in pregnant and lactating mums. This is evident in pregnancy when a women is craving sweets yet some deny this craving and hide or suppress out of fear of harming the baby in western world, hiding...