Emotional Release Yoga

An evolving yoga practice that utilizes breath and movement. By paying attention to the body’s sensations, feelings and emotions that arise in each position, an emotional release can be obtained.

Tension is often stored in the body with different emotions being held in certain parts. This can manifest into different conditions, illness and pain.

Whether it is an energetic weight or a manifestation of pain or stress on the joints, ligaments and muscles, we can create posture to replicate the pain we are feeling. This includes the leaning-forward concave posture we find in depression. A lack of self love, fear and anxiety in combination with our lifestyle can cause this forward-leaning posture.

With the application of the yin and yang philosophy in yoga, we are made to appreciate that we always have aspects of both polarities. For example, in a yin pose (one where the body is still) we still have aspects of yang. So we can move our breath to help create the yang or we can feel our body struggle with the suppression of it.

Feelings that have been suppressed at other times in our life, week or day may arise and become active in this practice. This practice is about finding and releasing those feelings through breath, movement and sound.

Brewed tea in the pot, star anise, cinnamon with the Indian deity and candle in the background