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For Business and Professionals

Pure Therapeutic doTERRA Essential oils 

If you are a business owner and would like to stock them in you business. We have hair Salons, Boutiques, Hospitals, Schools, Yoga Teachers, Fitness Studios, Chiropractors and many more health and Wellness experts using these as options to support their clients or business.

You dont have to be an expert in the area of Essential Oils science to stock or use these all you need is adequate support a willingness to learn about these potent plant therapies and you have yourself a great way to buy wholesale Health products.

I offer support coaching and guidance and link you in with business support and Education. I present to your staff and Provide access to information for you to begin your learning journey or business with the Essential Oils.

Businesses already using doTERRA from Hairdressers, cafe owners, real estate agents, business men and women.  If you would like to find out how to earn with doTERRA please contact me here

For Personal Use

How to Buy Essential Oils 

I just want wholesale oils

Are you like me and want the most natural and pure products for your family?

Well im glad you are here because Essential Oils have been used for centuries and are now becoming so popular. Especially the quality and potency of doTERRA we are seeing such amazing results.

DoTERRA has done the science and has multiple advisers in many areas of production and one area that also receives amazing benefits is the emotional aromatherapy. Using Pure plant oils to alter,change, enhance and affect mood can be for some a life changing experience.

Because of the diverse use and ongoing popularity of these oils education is important. If this is your first point of contact I would love to be of assistance to you.

I can set you up with a mentor who can work closely with you and support correct and safe usage

What are these oils used for ?

  • Cleaning Your home with potent Anti bacterial Anti fungal Plant Extracts
  • Therapeutically internal for supportive treatment along side doctors advice for chronic illness
  • Topically for aches and pains without the added nasties
  • Aromatically for Emotional Health
  • In home for safe mood and therapeutic mood enhancers
  • Pure-fume Use instead of Allergy causing Perfume and deodorants
  • DIY make your own body and home products

I offer to the general public and businesses wholesale accounts as a doterra Wellness Advocate. 

Its easy and simple.

  1. You can buy form my shop and pay retail these oils are available at health stores and many boutique businesses- This is no obligation just go here and start shopping.
  2. Access Oils for wholesale price. This is a no obligation as well, no monthly order minimums, no selling just buy whenever you want once you have a membership wholesale account. By purchasing form me you support an Australian family and receive my personal support and the thousands who support me, access to free events in your town or state and if you are local to me I have Free meditation offers and a whole community of natural health enthusiasts and professional in many modalities, from vets to nurses to chiropractors to yoga teachers.  You don’t just become a wholesale member you become part of a growing wellness community Online and in person ready to support you.- You can also just sit back order oils whenever you want and still have access to online supports there is no obligation with any participation in any way shape or form. These are just the added reasons why I choose doTERRA for me.

Want to get started and Look at options for your membership ? 

Here is the wholesale price comparison Price comparison and product list 







I recommend the HOME ESSENTIALS KIT for most people…

Ok I want Wholesale Prices

Home Essentials kit  addresses so many alignments – It has the blue ice athletic oil, lavender for basic calming, lemon for cleaning and uplifting emotions.  Frankincense for neurological emotional and cellular support. Oregano Nature’s Antibiotic, Peppermint for headaches and regulating body temperature, Tea tree for Dust Mites and Ear Aches. Easy Air for Respiratory Issues Coughing Wheezing etc….And last but not least on guard for the world most amazing oil blend where 99.9 %  bacteria can not grow just do a pub med search of this baby. It is amazing.


When you buy this kit or any enrolment kit  you will receive a welcome pack  from me personally – You will have access to a large learning sharing facebook group and data base,

  • Free meditation with me once a month
  • Welcome pack mailed to you
  • Video chat support and free webinars
  • Access to all my business and educational supports and all those that support me

But im on a BUDGET you say ? 

I personally saved up and was on a budget too however I looked at the wholesale access admin fee $35 and did a little math on the wholesale list and weighed up just buying a kit to start me off. This replaced a lot of cleaning and health products immediately so I wasn’t out of pocket.

If you just have certain oils you really want that are not in the pack.  You can just buy the wholesale packet enrolment for $35 and then choose individual oils, If you don’t know what ones you need I am happy to book a free consult message me here On Facebook  . For the quickest reply.  Or send me a message on my contact form here


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