NewYoga Series Coming Soon

NewYoga Series Coming Soon
Tania Vella / NewYoga Series Coming Soon

This series in under development and will be coming soon.

It is based on the work of releasing deep trauma from those who have suffered any life trauma.

This also supports and helps relieve the innate stress caused by Complex Ptsd and PTSD … People who are in constant unconscious state of fight or flight without a consuls knowing.

Who may show symptoms of anxiety and depression. Who may have mulipul sensitive triggers in life.

Those who have chronic back pain and hip and joint sensitivities. Those who have a weak abdomen and stiff ligaments and tendons in the hip flexors.  This muscle group that is closely linked with fight or flight mechanisms to run and escape trauma.

It is known that trauma in the un concious  mind can cause PTSD triggers and on going anxiety. There is more and more evidence to say that the trauma is stored in different parts of the body. The obvious part that superficially one would not know can be under constant and ongoing contraction . Is the Psoa and illuss. These muscle groups are the main groups we focus on.

With a combination of deep diaphragm   breathing and scientifically  proven vedic breathing exercise