Ojas Balancing drink Dr Vasant Lad~Ayurvedic Doctor

This drink has the perfect components to balance your Ojas to learn more go here This should not be altered  unless severe intolerances, the essence of each of the components have an exact place in this drink and serve a purpose medicinally  energetically and nutritionally. 10 Almonds- Soaked overnight remove skins 1 cup of Warm Milk- Cows Milk Raw Pinch of Cardamom Pinch of Black Pepper 1 teaspoon of Honey Blend in morning and drink daily to balance Ojas.   If Needed Fresh filtered water or nut milks made fresh can substitute...


Balance Your Ojas- A modern world energetic disaster

In our fast past modern world, we are running around, rushing, restricting, meeting deadlines.. Even if we are Yogis, Healers Natural Therapists we might still be aggravating our vital energy form due to mind made restrictions of our new age diet dogmas. This energy I'm talking about is  Ojas.  This is like Prana but a little different. Its one of the 3 Yogic Conditions  of energy Prana, Ojas and Tejas.   This is our longevity key our key to how we look energetically how we present and view ourself and the world..   Ojas present to form balance in pregnant and lactating mums. This is evident in pregnancy when a women is craving sweets yet some deny this craving and hide or suppress out of fear of harming the baby in western world, hiding...


Basic spellswork and protection to prevent psychic attacks and negative energy

Identifying and knowing or even understanding the layers of psychic attacks and negative spirits or entities is an extensive subject but we have simplified this to help protect and guide you on this journey. Higher Activation with Upper Rays~Chakras~Energy Centres can lead you to think you might be going crazy, but believe me its not this.  The opening of higher planes of existence has a chance of allowing in negative entities, spirits, voices, visions that can plague your life dreams and world. Do yourself a basic favour ground yourself deeply. Your Higher chakras or energy centres are becoming more active thus you have reached this article and have searched for the knowledge to help you or a loved one. You came here to understand learn and maybe...


Quick & Easy Ways to Calm Anxiety And Release Emotions

When we experience life we are relating merging conforming and responding to our daily stimulus. And we come across changes in weather that are beyond our control. We also have to deal with people and their own orbiting range of emotions, sensitivities and life experiences. And  then have our feelings in response to each situation, person and stimulus we come in contact with. It would be in the best interests of our wellbeing to get to know our emotional responses. However we can struggle if we have had trauma and situations deemed unsafe by our mind and body in our past. As we are made up of our previous life experiences, yet it is not what we are……..however we make in that moment a blueprint for how to...

Oak tree

A Simple Guide To Learning Your Moon Cycle

Simple Self Mastery We are seeing a shift in collective consciousness with more people bringing the shadows into the light. With this rise we are finding the divine nature of the beauty and force that propels us to bring forth and move us from the times of adversity or darkness. We are shedding collective ego fears. The masculine in all of us is our logical and analytical self, the doer, the brightness, the strength of what we already know...