A Simple Guide To Learning Your Moon Cycle

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A Simple Guide To Learning Your Moon Cycle

Simple Self Mastery

We are seeing a shift in collective consciousness with more people bringing the shadows into the light.

With this rise we are finding the divine nature of the beauty and force that propels us to bring forth and move us from the times of adversity or darkness.

We are shedding collective ego fears. The masculine in all of us is our logical and analytical self, the doer, the brightness, the strength of what we already know… 

We have many workers of the “light” those that are here to make changes in this world to help shed the fears of not being good enough. Understand we are all connected we just simply cannot deny this anymore.  

We continually search for more knowledge more wisdom, we do course after course, participate in healing after healing. We forget we are cyclical beings. We are undeniably connected to the collective consciousness. This is not a fairy tale, this is not some fluff and witchy information coming from unfounded and unscientific guessing, hunches or some crazy spiritual talk. This is the undeniable truth that, is………. we are all connected.

We just cant see it……but we can feel it.  We feel this with our hearts when we walk into a room or leave someone’s presence.

The logical mind doesn’t want to believe this truth, however in it may lie your answer to deeper understanding yourself and others, to becoming more in flow, at peace and learning to safely and securely navigate your innate cycles. 

How you can help yourself and the collective, those who you interact with and are part of.

  • Start by mapping your cycle, map your moods and your moon time. Men can map moods as well…. keep a journal and see if its a feeling that you feel at similar times in the month or over the months. You might start to see patterns and behaviours that can be predicted.

It does not by any means, say you are locked into this cycle as a rule.

  •  If you are predicting fear, anger or anxious tense feelings and you are approaching this time you have the opportunity to feel it on a lesser scale as you approach.By helping yourself to active more feel good activities.  As you become more in tune and aware that, this is my cycle, a part of the the season, this time of the month, you will get better at knowing what you need. 

Use this as a guide to pull in all that you know will assist you at these times.

Then have on hand all the things that help when everything is looking like its falling apart.

What sort of things help, you might not know?

If you have no idea what helps you, start learning and trying new things, there are many ways you can do this. 

  • Have a bath,
  • Read a book diffuse essential oils,
  • Do yoga or get moving.
  • Go to the beach
  • Immerse in your hobby or talent
  • Self care- Haircuts, Massages
  • Self Indulge and be ok with doing that
  • Note when you do something how you feel, if you feel good, do more of that

A powerful recipe I have made up  using our senses and applying on the temples and third eye Vetiver and Lavender Peace. This combination of essential oils mixed safely with a carrier oil.  This blend has the ability to stabilize and restore emotional balance and can be applied daily in times of emotional distress or need. Taking a moment and useful for both men and women to inhale the aroma, gentle take a deep breath in, and release counting out so the out breath is longer as you have applied this oil.

More on exactly how these oils help here

Remember whatever it is do more of it in these times plan those activities in these times you know you “may” struggle. Pamper yourself book and it in. And you may find those feelings as the months go by can become less and less with attention to help ride it out by gently nurturing yourself. 

Start believing that

“I have all that I need and I am abundant with love”

“I know my cycle and this does pass.”

Love yourself first and resist the temptation to compare.

With this small act you begin to bring forth the shadows into the light. You also being to ride out the wave of emotions that are natural and part of our cyclical world.

I thank you for being the being you are and raising this world up by acknowledging your own self and connecting with me and learning growing and being all that  you are.

Much Love