Basic spellswork and protection to prevent psychic attacks and negative energy

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Basic spellswork and protection to prevent psychic attacks and negative energy

Identifying and knowing or even understanding the layers of psychic attacks and negative spirits or entities is an extensive subject but we have simplified this to help protect and guide you on this journey.

Higher Activation with Upper Rays~Chakras~Energy Centres can lead you to think you might be going crazy, but believe me its not this.  The opening of higher planes of existence has a chance of allowing in negative entities, spirits, voices, visions that can plague your life dreams and world. Do yourself a basic favour ground yourself deeply.

Your Higher chakras or energy centres are becoming more active thus you have reached this article and have searched for the knowledge to help you or a loved one. You came here to understand learn and maybe heal.

I am guided to share my experiences and information and trust you will take what you need from it.

A learning group you can  be added here 


Know that

1)In the darkness brings the light~however denying the darkness may be suppressing truth or pain for it to resurface later.

2) You are never alone, we are all in this together, there are many online communities in person psychic development groups. People all around the world waking up and feeling this pain in awakening and growing through the layers. go to our online forum here


In the Ancient  knowledge  we can accept some gifts to create and protect ourselves, use this knowledge wisely and carefully and please protect and centre yourself in this time. We are here to support you.


The Information~ Offered through service to the greater good of this earth and available to you is this free information and guide.


If you are new to Manifesting Spells, Rituals and Ceremony this is what you need to get started.

To help protect you and assist you with some basic rituals and guides to grow with safety and security.

This free PDF will assist you to perform and understand basic spells and rituals working with the land and your own being.

Manifesting is a new age practice that is ancient esoteric knowledge and is now coming into popularity.

Let us help you with guidance and protection,  to a peaceful and productive Ritual and life.

Enjoy this free as a gift from the energy workers who provide information and assistance to create a peaceful harmonious world for us to reside in.


I am grateful to receive  and share this to you free today with love Tania

~this is not my work but gifted to me to share for you the reader the seeker~


Basic Spell Weaving & Protection



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