Quick & Easy Ways to Calm Anxiety And Release Emotions

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Quick & Easy Ways to Calm Anxiety And Release Emotions

When we experience life we are relating merging conforming and responding to our daily stimulus.

And we come across changes in weather that are beyond our control. We also have to deal with people and their own orbiting range of emotions, sensitivities and life experiences. And  then have our feelings in response to each situation, person and stimulus we come in contact with.

It would be in the best interests of our wellbeing to get to know our emotional responses. However we can struggle if we have had trauma and situations deemed unsafe by our mind and body in our past.

As we are made up of our previous life experiences, yet it is not what we are……..however we make in that moment a blueprint for how to release, suppress, repress and respond in situations similar to that in our future.

If we have had situations that were beyond our control  we can create this pathway in the brain.

We first have a feeling and then we associate that with other situations which can be lesser or more of a threat or positive action for us.  We can in a situation feel it is very similar to a real threat before us.  But to be aware of this can also create the mind-heart confusion.

It is easier said than done to not even think why, how, is, but and anything in the mind. Because we are essentially doing risk assessments each time we release and come in contact with stimulus, be that people or situations.

“The biggest battle is the mind, heart and the corresponding feelings that accompany each situation. What an amazing beautiful mess we are.” 

But to feel and get to know the passing sensations and allow the feelings to surface and fall.

Again….. easier to say you think ?

When they are so overpowering.  And this is 100% true for people who have experienced  trauma in their lives.

This is most defiantly proven through following heart rate and blood pressure tests that show people in situations that they deem stressful or are having an anxiety attack, they are having an extreme experience. And it is real for them, even if judged or viewed to not be for a bystander.

So in this situation in our world it can be unsafe or detrimental for this person to feel and release.

The person will want to do anything to not feel like this and get away from the situation presented to them. Or their body and their feelings and sensations. Or the person.

In society we are taught to conform. We do not have adults expressing themselves wholly and fully in each moment. We have very little emotional acceptance of each other’s array of feelings. We can personalise so much project and then become caught up in all of our emotions and the people around us.

Having a safe space to feel and not project onto one another is extremely important as you will soon get to know your body by practicing regularly feeling and watching the wave of emotions pass you by.

Working with natural remedies and ways to help alleviate the actual body sensations you are feeling is a practical way to start taking back your control of your body.

Because my work has come from my study skills, and personal experience there is a practice that I have developed from my studies of poses, breathing and Yogic philosophy that is Emotional Release Yoga.

You don’t have to come to a class to get the benefit, however having practice groups is ideal. You can use your body to release through breath by breathing out forcefully and sound to ease and soothe you through a long controlled out breath.

Taking away medication for some can be dangerous and not recommended unless under doctors supervision.  Natural remedies need to be studied and also used accordingly. Some remedies can uplift and others can calm. 

Practicing Emotional Release- On your own is as simple as taking time each day to feel into your body.

At times when you have the chance but making an effort daily for 10 mins to sit with your body and start getting to know it.

These techniques are simple and can be used in acute attacks and daily as a way to release.

  • Find a place in nature away from people or sit in your car in your driveway with your music up this is a practical and serious suggestion. You are feeling all the feelings you don’t like. Put the music up and release through sound let out what sound you can.. Scream yell or sing the loudest song, cry …….
  • Release through movement jump and shake your body and move your arms around release though movement, put music on and dance it might feel weird to begin with but once you start you will see how amazing it feels and you can release that way. Stomp your feet try its feels amazing…. Kids know what they are doing …..
  • Calm yourself down-  there is a time when we simply just cant due to circumstance do anything that will release so we do need to calm ourself……Learning proper breathing Yogic techniques… Yes we can but to remember and practice at the time, well we simply might be too far. Hey as a yoga teacher I still can go to far. The quickest way to bring me back is through scent and I then have been brought back enough to start my breathing techniques. – Some suggested oils are lavender, frankincense and Vetiver for calming…