YIN Yoga

Yin yoga is both preventative and restorative, the practice of staying still for long periods of time.
Different to the types of yoga you’re probably familiar with, you will spend up to 5 mins in each pose, which influences and enhances the yin aspects or quality of Qi.
The unhurried nature and deep stretch allows built-up tensions stored in your body tissues to diminish and allows your body-system to work more effectively while enhancing the channels.
Yin Yoga is delicious and provides a deep stretch, whereas traditional yoga forms can be difficult for many people.
Unlike ‘yang‘ forms (traditional forms like Hatha, Ashtanga, and Iyengar), you will be supported with blankets, bolsters and pillows to help you relax into the posture, thus deepening the stretch in a way that is unique for your own body, working within your natural constraints.
The focus on a Yin Yoga class is passive stretch of the fascia, ligaments and tendons. Each week, there will be a different sequence of poses designed on a set of channels. The breath will play a part in the practice and conscious attention of the body tissues and ligaments.

Watercolor yin yang symbol on old paper background